Battle for Middle Earth 2: HD Edition

What is it?

The BFME2: HD Edition is a model pack featuring both reworked and all-new unit and hero models.

Our primary goal is to preserve the distinctive style of BFME2’s models

while thoroughly polishing them up.

How does it work?

BFME2: HD Edition is essentially a model pack. Units, heroes, and other visuals are drastically improved.

The model pack is intercompatible, meaning you can use it online while your opponent doesn’t need to have it installed. You will not run into any compatibility or out-of-sync issues while running this pack.

HD BFME2: HD Edition and Gameranger

Hello guys, in this guide i’m going to explain you how to play with the BFME II HD edition for gameranger.

Instruction part 1:

1. Download the lotrbfme2ep1.rar.

2. Download and install the BFMEII HD Edition.

 3. Make a folder in your game file which is located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth II and name is BFMEII HD.

Instruction part 2:

4. Extract the file from the step 1 to the BFMEII HD folder with winrar or something similar.

5. Open Gameranger, on the main window you go to Edit then Option, find BFMEII and then click on Browse, a new window open, you must select the lotrbfme2.exe from the BFMEII HD folder.

6. With the help of a friend join or host a room,when the game start a new window appear. In Game executable you must chose the normal lotrbfme2.exe file which is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth II In Mod flie you must select the HDEdition.big which is located here: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files

Further information:

Now that you have the HD edition you are able to switch to patch 1.06 and 1.09 without any issue and both will be displayed with the model of the HD Edition. Also from now on when you are the host or when you join a game the window will appear and you must click start, you don’t have to change anything.

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